Referral commissions

Lovecity Operates unilevel matrix where members can bring from 1 to any number of participants and earn commissions from the 1 st generation to the 10th on the matrix.


Ordinary Entry Level is N3,750
Diamond upgrade level is N60,000

Membership donation is N3,750 for all participants. You earn N1,000 on your direct downline(s) and N200 on any member that
falls within your 2nd level to your 10th level

                                           ENTRY LEVEL COMMISSION

                   1st                                                       N1,000
                   2nd                                                       N200
                   3rd                                                       N200
                   4th                                                       N200
                   5th                                                       N200
                   6th                                                       N200
                   7th                                                       N200
                   8th                                                       N200
                   9th                                                       N200
                   10th                                                       N200



All donor member who wish to receive awards from Lovecity on the Team they build from the 1st generation to the 10 th must upgrade their entry level from Ordinary to Diamond. You receive N16,000 commission on your 1st level and N3,200 on your levels 2 to 10 whenever this upgrade is done by members on your network.

                                        UPGRADE LEVEL COMMISSION

                    1st                                                      N16,000
                    2nd                                                      N3,200
                    3rd                                                      N3,200
                    4th                                                      N3,200
                    5th                                                      N3,200
                    6th                                                      N3,200
                    7th                                                      N3,200
                    8th                                                      N3,200
                    9th                                                      N3,200
                    10th                                                      N3,200