About us




Simply called Mr. Austin, he is the National President and Founder of Lovecity Charity And
Development Foundation, which has grown incredibly big since inauguration. He conceived the
vision of Lovecity for over 25yrs and it became a reality in 2014. He registered Lovecity as a
Trustee under the company and allied matters act 1990 with his wife Abiola and three other charity
lovers of proven integrity. He also works with the best of legal team and software developers. Mr.
Austin is called into this service for humanity and HE (God) that has called him is the sustainer of
this good work.

Lovecity Charity And Development Foundation

To provide charitable aid to the needy in our society through network of donors

To make charitable aid progressively unnecessary through our self-help network programmes


A  -  Action towards needs:
C  -  Care is all we seek to give:
T  -  Teamwork makes it easier:
I  -  Integrity stands us out:
O  -  Open-minded to our donors and beneficiaries:
N  -  Nobility and dedication to service:

Donations through referral programmes.